MA Residency open call : Selected artists announcement

Mothers in Arts has selected 2 domestic artists and 1 international artist to take part in the trial Residency from March until end of May 2017.

MA would like to thank all the candidates applying for the first edition of Mothers in Arts Residency. We gave every application the attention they deserved as all the submissions were interesting and inspiring.

We received a big amount of applicants from 16 different countries, unfortunately we have limited resources and can only invite 3 artists.

The selected artists are:

  • Cecilia Cavalieri (BR)
  • Cecilia Bengtsson (NL)
  • Aurora Gabriela Rosales (AR/NL)

MA Residency will take place in Amsterdam West on two locations; two studios are provided for the artists at Broedplaats de Vlucht at the Burgemeester de Vlugtlaan 125, 1063BJ-Amsterdam, The Netherlands. We are renting the ateliers from GOLEB, while the daycare is situated in a family house. The daycare and the studios are 2 minutes walking distance from each other.

We would also like to encourage everyone to support similar initiatives in their area, and even better, to start their own. The Mothers in Arts residency is but an experimental model that can be applied by anyone regardless of geographical location. Because of this, we invite everyone to keep an eye on the MA website and facebook page as throughout the year we will elaborate further on the specifics of how such a model performs in real life.